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…or so he says. The man you see below is Prahlad Jani. He’s being studied by India’s Defense Research Organization, because Jani claims that he hasn’t had anything to eat or drink in 70 years. The Telegraph says Jani is known as a breatharian, i.e. he only needs air to survive. He’s been under observation for six days, and so far has shown no signs of lethargy despite his extreme diet. Maybe he’s already dead and he just doesn’t know it. Just kidding. Prahlad Jani breatharian Jani claims that he is “sustained by a goddess who pours an ‘elixir’ through a hole in his palate,” while others deem him to be a fraud. Still, the Indian government is keeping an eye on him, in hopes of learning something that could help soldiers last longer on the battlefield or stranded victims of disasters to hold on while waiting for help. The article does say that Jani’s claim has already been put to the test once, in 2003, but people began doubting his claim when he started to lose weight after (only) ten days without food and water.

source: http://technabob.com/blog/2010/04/30/this-man-hasnt-eaten-in-70-years/

7 decades of starvation for 82-year-old

Australian News.Net
Saturday 1st May, 2010

The Indian military's research wing is examining a man who claims to have not had anything to eat or drink for over 70 years.

India’s Defense Research Development Organization, a branch of the Indian military, whose scientists design drone aircraft, missiles and bombs have turned their attention to an 82-year old man who claims not to have had anything to eat or drink for over 70 years.

Prahlad Jani has been kept in isolation at a hospital in Ahmedabad, Gurjarat to ascertain the extent of his abilities and discover how they might be transferred to soldiers. He has not had anything to eat or drink for six days now and is showing no adverse signs of hunger or dehydration.

“If his claims are verified, it will be a breakthrough in medical science,” said director of the Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences, Dr G Ilavazhagan.

Dr Ilavazhagan added that his capabilities could help authorities train soldiers to go longer periods without food or water in adverse conditions, or help keep disaster victims alive until help arrives, though he was vague on the details of how a training scheme for either situation would be undertaken.

What is remarkable, however, is that after six days, Mr Jani appears unaffected by the fact that he has not eaten or drunk anything, or passed any urine or a stool. He remains in good health and is active, according to his doctors, who say that by 15 days they should see some muscle wastage, fatigue and dehydration.

15 days is the agreed period of the study, beyond that, organ failure becomes likely due to dehydration.

Mr Jani is regarded as a ‘breatharian’ who lives on a ‘spiritual life-force’. He credits his ability to go without food or water to a goddess who pours an elixir through a hole in his palate.

Highly regarded by some as a holy man, and derided by others who claim him to be nothing more than a village fraud, Indian authorities will know in another 9 days whether they have in their care the resource for their next generation of elite soldiers.

source : http://www.australiannews.net/story/629648


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Lately, I’ve been playing around with Garageband, the greatest Mac program ever!

What can you do with the program? Well, A LOT, I could say. And now I am going to introduce what we can do, and how we can use Garageband.

First, when you click Garageband, you’ll see :

if you press piano, you can do three things.

1. connect keyboard with your Mac, and play music. Garageband will record, with very good quality of sound, everything you press from your keyboard. You can also choose the type of sound like guitar, bass, drum, flute, basically everything! With only a keyboard and a Mac, you can create music very easily. Here is a music I created using this device. Mind that I barely know about music, which means you can also make music like this easily.


2. Use already recorded sounds to your own, creative music!

here’s an example that I made, using only Macbook


3. Create music, only using Macbook. You can make sounds by pressing (awsedftghujiklp;’ <- these keys) certain keys.

As you can see from the photo above, you can change octave, and literally play music, with just a computer!

Here’s an example I made using this method.


These are all I know about Garageband so far. Anything I learn more about it, I’ll update, so keep track of my blog!

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Learning, for the most part, is fun. I learn something, and I get to use them.

The term ‘learning’ includes every single information, at least for me. When I play a video game, and I learn some new way to kill a monster, then it is also a park of learning.

If I learn that a particular person laughs when I take some particular action, I try to do same thing when that particular person is around.

Learning is not confined to ‘studying’ conception. It also includes small, trivial things around us.

It includes EVERYTHING. Like I said, we watch Discover Channel to find out whales are actually animal, not fish. We listen to radio, and learn that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie broke up.

And that’s what I like about learning. We should enjoy learning. As students, we can’t avoid learning. And if we can’t avoid it, we should enjoy it.

Learning Pyramid

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My weakness is that I can’t keep something in progress for long. If I decide to memorize words everyday, it only lasts for few days; I’m inconsistent.

As a result from that, I have this varied distribution of talents; I can draw, I can play piano, I can act, I can study, but only up to certain degrees. That’s why I always envy those people who are expert in one area.

I need to learn from my father, who, unlike me, is very consistent in what he’s doing. When he starts some habit, it lasts for years.

My another weakness is that sometimes I am impulsive; I can’t stay away from things I ought not to do. I shouldn’t play computer games when I have homework. However, still, I can’t resist my desire. I need to be less vulnerable to those desires.

My final weakness, I guess, and I hope, is that I’m impatient. When things get too draggy, my body screams out from boredom. I need to be more patient!

The photo is from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/65986072@N00/952968377

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Every claim is expected to have evidence with which the claim-maker persuades people to believe his or her beliefs. This also applies to the claim made by Gavin Menzies, the author of 1421: The Year China Discovered America, arguing in his book that Zheng He’s discovery of America precedes that of Christopher Columbus. Throughout the book, Gavin Menzies constantly attempts to convince the readers with a haphazard collection of speculative evidence. Although the book follows the principle of providing evidence to a claim, it ultimately fails to develop them into corroboration. In order for an individual to quarrel over an history that has been accepted for 500 years, that individual should count on solid evidence, not conjecture. Thus, Gavin Menzies’ claim should not be accepted to any significant extent unless it is meticulously corroborated.

The reason being that this bold new account of Zheng He should be accepted in no way is because of the author’s method of collecting evidence and clarifying it. Most of Menzies’ evidence comes from his own conjectures, and dialogues with local people in places where he believes Zheng He and his great treasure junks had been; in essence, almost all of Menzies’ claims come from his own thoughts and primary sources. For instance, he alleges that American-Indians have Chinese DNA that he ‘thinks‘ was from Zheng He’s voyage; he fails to clarify why that DNA cannot be from the mass Chinese immigration into Americas in 17h century. Moreover, he never documents the discovery of Chinese anchors found in the coast of California, which supposedly links to the arrival of Chinese fleet in 1421. Of course, it is reasonable to use some of them in an argument. What’s not reasonable is when the those types of clarification predominate the argument; and this is where the author ultimately fails to be conceivable. And this failure the author makes casts a shadow of doubt whether the claims in the book is plausible or not.

When professional historians verify claims, they also consider cultural influences and circumstances that might have impacted on the arguments. The principle also applies to the Gavin Menzies’ claims. On one hand, Menzies somewhat considers the cultural impacts by mentioning the conflicts between Confucian scholars and Zheng He. However, on the other hand, he misses the major point by neglecting cultural value and current situation of China at that time. For example, Ming dynasty reigned during Zheng He’s time. During the era, Confucianism was the dominant philosophy; it valued many things- prestige, honor, culture, arts, education, ancestors, religion, filial piety, etc- but traveling around the world to make money like what Zheng He and his crew did was not the most ideal thing to do in China. Indeed, Zheng He’s expeditions were threatened in 1424 when other Confucianist usurped the authority of Yongle, the emperor who supported Zheng He’s voyages. Unlike Portugal and other European nations where expeditions were encouraged, China’s cultural values and circumstances were forbidding for Zheng He, making Menzies’ claim less tenable.

Some might question, if there were indeed opposing Confucian scholars and cultural values, how could there be credible sources that Zheng He had seven voyages? Indeed, there were seven successful voyages accomplished by Zheng He and his treasure ships. Nevertheless, the question still remains whether Zheng He had actually made an expedition on the Americas in 1421 or not, despite its incomprehensible reaction and unfeasibility of timing, is yet disputable. Under Emperor Yongle’s shelter, Zheng He was able to make stress-free travels until 1424, the year in which the Emperor was overthrown. Somehow, this Chinese explorer continues his voyage up until 1433. If what Gavin Menzies’s saying is true, why would Zheng He had ceased to venture into the Americas even further, when he first arrived on the coast of California, while he was under duty to collect tribute from possible vassal states? America’s vast land should have intrigued them to travel even further. Yet, Zheng He terminated the trip, and concentrated on Southeastern Asia in his next voyage. And how could he have traveled all the way from East Africa, to the Arabian Peninsula, and then to the Americas in one year? Ambiguity of the Menzies’ claim and lack of clarification prevent the readers to contemplate over the issue again.

No claim is to be utterly disregarded; one should think over claims up to certain extents for they have different color of voices and efforts. Nonetheless, any claims concerning history, especially when the history has been firmly accepted by professional historians, should have competent evidence along with clarification. That is how history has been built up so far. When an argument concerning history that relies on undependable sources and insufficient corroboration, such as that found in 1421: The Year China Discovered America, the argument does not deserve to be reconsidered.

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Photos: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Columbus-ohio-christopher-columbus-statue-2006-tight.jpg

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What is Love?

What is love?

To define love, according to dictionary, love is “an intense feeling of deep affection.”

Well, the question is ‘to whom or what do you feel this emotion?’

We feel the love toward many things: opposite gender, parents, families, friends, pets, babies, etc.

For me, I have strong love toward people around me.

Friends and families are one of them.

When I meet friends, I have ‘mild love’. I want to do good things for them, and I always wish them good luck. Good friends make me happy, and if I don’t interact with friends even for a day, I get lonely and depressed.

For families, I feel ‘comfortable love’ and ‘vital love’. I rely on family heavily, and family is source of energy of my life. Without family, my life not only gets uncomfortable, but it also gets meaningless.

For opposite genders (girls, since I’m a boy) to whom I get attracted to by human nature, I possess ‘burning love.’ It feels like as if you are depressed when you are not getting along with her well, and it feels like I’m flying when the relationship goes well. And in most cases, this kind of love is inconsistent and fluctuating. And since this type of love is ‘burning’ love for me, I can describe the love as a box that contains unknown result. When the box is completely burned, I can expect many different results: marriage, disappointment, catastrophe, divorce, etc.

If I add all types of love above, love as a whole becomes my life. Thus, love is my life.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/zenera/99662895/ <- photo source.

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Our government is considering to dispatch auxiliary troops to Peace-keeping Operations (PKO) for Haiti, the unfortunate nation with subverted government due to the recent catastrophe. Its purpose is to maintain public order, and support reconstruction of fallen Haiti. Kudos for the effort; from this, one could hope that it would work as catalytic effect to further develop helping society in the global world. However, our government’s goal of eradicating extreme poverty cannot be solved only with the efforts. Our government should do more than just the efforts, and seek other ways to help those nations in other parts of the world.

Although it is one of the most common ways to aid impoverished nations, giving financial support for LEDCs (Less Economically Developed Countries) is an effective way to help. In order to do that, there not only needs governmental effort, but also aids from private capital. Using power of media such as promoting campaigns to attract public attention would be a powerful strategy. As a member of OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), our government should be accountable for cooperating with the public to be able to give greater help to the others.

However, solely distributing money would not be as effective if looked at long-term scope. The real help we can offer is providing skills for their future. In that way, the nations in other parts of the world would be able to get a source in which they could rely on at a long-term degree. Our government itself had a dramatic success in economic development with industries: first initiating with processing trade with chemical fiber, then slowly evolving into construction industry, and then to semiconductor industry. One thing to notice is that our nation didn’t have a single natural resource we could rely on, and that led us to customize ourselves to other industries that we could actually depend on. This way of introducing customized industries for each nation would give confidence for them to develop in autogenous way.

Yet, even introducing customized industries for poor nations would not shine at its real worth if there is no education. Education is their future. Education is the first step they need to take to end the poverty cycle. Think like Barack Obama, who is now apportioning 5.7 billion dollars in education department solely for incentive purposes. Act like Korea, who has provided enough paper for Laos schools to have enough copies of textbooks for every students. Providing education along with helping them understand the importance of it is a vital strategy for grand design of eradication of poverty.

We are like teachers; we experienced few years more than the other parts of the world. Our job is not about solving problems for students. Rather, it is about giving little nudges for the students to self-actualize, so that they can face the problems by themselves without the teachers’ help. MEDCs (More Economically Developed Countries) can exist as MEDCs as now at the presence of the other parts of the world. There are some helping hands offered to them, but we still have a long way to go. Calamitous consequences will befall us if we neglect them. So let us not ignore those people who share the same sky as us.

Haiti Earthquake

Haiti Earthquake

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