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June 2nd 2010, only eight days left before this school year ends…

For me, this school year is a very special one because this year is my first year in this school. In the past year, I was sometimes happy, sometimes depressed, sometimes high, sometimes sad, and sometimes overwhelmed with homework. I mean, lots of things happened this year.

On August, when I first stepped into KIS as a student, I was overwhelmed with the facilities, students, everything. Everybody seemed so intimidating, and I was nervous for the whole time. I remember going to A-block English class, when I am in B-block, because I misunderstood the class schedule. That was the very first thing I did -walking into a class- in KIS, and that was mistaken! I was terribly frightened, and I asked Ms. P, my English teacher, I thought I was in trouble. But Ms. P said it’s nothing, it’s first day of school, and I’m a new student, so there’s nothing to worry about. And this is how I started my first day of the school year.

Slowly, I got to know some people, and I made some friends close enough to say hello in the hallway. I made some friends to sit together in lunch. Slowly, I learned to be part of KIS.

Since it will take forever to write about everything I’ve done in every single class, I’ll just concentrate on one class, my English class.

In the first English class, I remember one thing. I had to explain something, and I had this hand-gesture coming along with my explanation. Ms. P found it funny, and others found it funny. So they all laughed (I mean friendly). And that is when I first felt that I actually belong to this class.

Whenever I spoke in English class, Ms. P encouraged me (or maybe her personality is naturally that way) with smile, so I got to speak more. And I think that formed present me, who can speak in English class without any fear; English class has been like a comfortable, and family-like class (Ms. P sometimes said we are a family, too).

I learned, throughout this year, many grammars. I’m supposed to remember them all, but I’ll just try to remember some. I learned to use semi-colon, colon, dash, quotation mark, comma, and period. Then we moved on to more complexed grammar section, into sentence patterns.

In terms of novels, I read tons of pages of different novels. Those novels include: Beowulf, Grendel, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dracula, and Brave New World. Along with learning the novels, I learned 6+1 trait, literary terms, discussion leaders. From this class, I learned to truly enjoy novels.

We also wrote One Paragraph Essays (OPE), and for each of them, we were to set a theme, and write about it with about 250 words. I think it really helped us to build up our theme-selecting skills and correct citation skills. I mean, for other classes, for some assignments, I feel that there is no need to do them, that it is waste of time. However in English, I’m being totally honest, but there was not an assignment that I felt unfair or useless to be doing. OPE, sometimes I was too lazy to write quality paragraph, but still, I feel I improved a lot from it. Comparative essay, after editing the essays numerous times, and getting corrected by the whole class, I feel my essay skill got much more improved, not only in fluency, but also in word choices, conventions, and ideas. The curriculum we learn in the class is, although it is a very challenging class for me, so far the most fruitful class in my English learning life. I feel I have improved a lot, both in speaking and writing, which I desperately need before I go to college. I’d really like to thank Ms. P for everything she did for us, and I hope she doesn’t lose that love for classes.

Done with academic learning, I’ll start with social learning from the class. Of course, I made friends from the class, but what I really feel I learned is how a teacher can form the relationship between classmates. For other classes, except few, I’m not that close with classmates. I don’t know why, but that’s the way it is. But in the English class, we’re more close. I think because she allows some time for jokes, sometimes she herself makes some jokes, demonstrating with actions. We laugh, and the class time becomes fun. In fun class, peers get closer.

I can’t explain in words how much I learned in the class throughout this year, but I hope I explained as much as I could. I’ll miss having English class, with Ms. P, as a sophomore, as a B-block student.

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