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I watched Slumdog Millionaire in English class. While I was watching the movie, I couldn’t stand but think about Brave New World, and relate the society in Slumdog Millionaire and that of in Brave New World. It just came to me naturally.

The society of Brave New World abhors the society of Slumdog Millionaire. I keep thinking that the type of society like Brave New World’s society was created because there existed Slumdog Millionaire-like society in wars of Brave New World. There existed poverty, there existed uncontrollable birthrate, there existed conflicting religions, violence, and numerous more.

Everything between those two works is different. Every factors differ, except one thing. They are similar in that they both have a caste system. It was interesting that the perfectionists like the members of Brave New World would adopt the idea of such an unfair and radical idea of hierarchy system. The question is still growing unsolved in my mind, so please do make some comments of your thoughts.

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