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Lately, I’ve been playing around with Garageband, the greatest Mac program ever!

What can you do with the program? Well, A LOT, I could say. And now I am going to introduce what we can do, and how we can use Garageband.

First, when you click Garageband, you’ll see :

if you press piano, you can do three things.

1. connect keyboard with your Mac, and play music. Garageband will record, with very good quality of sound, everything you press from your keyboard. You can also choose the type of sound like guitar, bass, drum, flute, basically everything! With only a keyboard and a Mac, you can create music very easily. Here is a music I created using this device. Mind that I barely know about music, which means you can also make music like this easily.


2. Use already recorded sounds to your own, creative music!

here’s an example that I made, using only Macbook


3. Create music, only using Macbook. You can make sounds by pressing (awsedftghujiklp;’ <- these keys) certain keys.

As you can see from the photo above, you can change octave, and literally play music, with just a computer!

Here’s an example I made using this method.


These are all I know about Garageband so far. Anything I learn more about it, I’ll update, so keep track of my blog!


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