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Learning, for the most part, is fun. I learn something, and I get to use them.

The term ‘learning’ includes every single information, at least for me. When I play a video game, and I learn some new way to kill a monster, then it is also a park of learning.

If I learn that a particular person laughs when I take some particular action, I try to do same thing when that particular person is around.

Learning is not confined to ‘studying’ conception. It also includes small, trivial things around us.

It includes EVERYTHING. Like I said, we watch Discover Channel to find out whales are actually animal, not fish. We listen to radio, and learn that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie broke up.

And that’s what I like about learning. We should enjoy learning. As students, we can’t avoid learning. And if we can’t avoid it, we should enjoy it.

Learning Pyramid


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