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My weakness is that I can’t keep something in progress for long. If I decide to memorize words everyday, it only lasts for few days; I’m inconsistent.

As a result from that, I have this varied distribution of talents; I can draw, I can play piano, I can act, I can study, but only up to certain degrees. That’s why I always envy those people who are expert in one area.

I need to learn from my father, who, unlike me, is very consistent in what he’s doing. When he starts some habit, it lasts for years.

My another weakness is that sometimes I am impulsive; I can’t stay away from things I ought not to do. I shouldn’t play computer games when I have homework. However, still, I can’t resist my desire. I need to be less vulnerable to those desires.

My final weakness, I guess, and I hope, is that I’m impatient. When things get too draggy, my body screams out from boredom. I need to be more patient!

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